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I'm Morgan Thomas, I am a TCU Alumni, class of 2011 with a Bachelors in science (nursing). I love what I do (I work in an ICU). I am profoundly deaf in both ears with a Cochlear Implant on my left ear. I'm not afraid to talk about it, I don't mind people asking me questions about it. I have been deaf since I was 2 and I hope to get my second implant within this year (2012). I read lips very well and do not know sign language. I am an Austinite, I love the city and always will. I have a younger sister who is nothing like me but we're best friends. I have a boyfriend named Zachary, we have been together for almost two years now and he is also my best friend. I am new at blogging and hope to make this my new hobby.

Friday, February 17, 2012


So I took my first Zumba class last Monday. I go to Scott and White (Round Rock) because they provide classes free to employees (score!). I just love it, I'm danced inclined so it's fun for me and I catch on quickly. I hate to work out, it's boring to me so I've been trying to find something that I really enjoy that involves working out. I like to do yoga but for some reason my motivation for that faded a little, so I tried Zumba and loved it. the music is so fun :) plus I feel great afterwards. S&W also offers kick-boxing so I'm willing to try that too! I would be the last person you would think about as someone who gets on a treadmill and runs in place going no where for their work-out...not my cup of tea. If anyone has any work out suggestions, i'm opened to all! :)

Stay fit and be happy!

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